Same But Different

July 2023 was a significant date in our company's history. Our MD for over 40 years sadly passed away unexpectedly.

The late Robin French spent the last few years in the place he enjoyed being, at his desk in the general office overseeing the comings and goings of the company he had built up. And you could find him there 7 days a week. Even when he became unwell he asked me to drive him to and from the office so he could 'check some things'. As I watched him look over a few items that anyone else in the office could have taken care of I had said that I could have done what he wanted without him being there. He said he 'just wanted to do a couple of things', little did I know that would be the last time he would be in the office.

A few days later just before he passed whilst in hospital he said to me what a great team Caledonian was. 

I myself remember working at Caledonian in my teens, and over the years have dealt with admin, dealing with customers, doing deliveries and even designing one of the logos that was used for many years. Whilst I had my own business, we always talked 'shop' and I would hear all the highs and lows of business at Caledonian on a daily basis.

The 'factory' as we affectionately called it is part of our DNA. Although not being part of day to day activities prior to his passing I knew the great work we are capable of, and have therefore taken on the task of bringing Caledonian into a new chapter, in a way that would make my late father proud.

A huge thanks goes to the team as well as our loyal clients that trust us with their projects. We haven't ever blown our own trumpet, but I think we should. We manufacture some impressive and beautiful pieces of furniture and always go above and beyond.

My late father left an impression on many and taught us valuable lessons, and it is my hope that you come with us as we continue to build on his legacy.

 - Nick French

We are doing it now.