As well as our skilled work force, we are constantly striving to achieve the best standards that we can. Below you can see the industry set standards that we have achieved or are working to achieve.

International Organization of Standardization ISO 9001 : 2008
ISO 9001:2008 is an international quality standard that gives clear  requirements for an organizations quality management system. This standard is now firmly established as the globally implemented standard  for providing assurance about a company’s ability to satisfy its quality requirements and to enhance customer satisfaction in supplier – customer relationships

Furniture Industry Research Association
We have been a member of FIRA for several years. Over several decades  FIRA has gained and maintained a first rate international reputation for leading edge technology, unparalleled industry knowledge, expertise,  integrity and authority.

It achieves its aims on behalf of the industry at large be:

  • Helping to shape government policy in relation to UK furniture standards
  • Pushing up standards within the industry in the UK and abroad
  • Leading the field in research and development

Scotland Excel

We are delighted to have been awarded, on a shared basis, the  educational framework contract by Scotland Excel.
Scotland Excel is the new procurement organisation dedicated to serve all local authorities across Scotland